Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Day Time
Monday 21st Dec Normal hours
Tuesday 22nd Dec Normal hours
Wednesday  23rd Dec Normal hours
Thursday 24th Dec Elmstead Market and Dispensary: 08:00 – 13:30
Abbey Field and Hawthorn: Normal hours
Friday 25th Dec CLOSED
Saturday 26th Dec CLOSED
Sunday 27th Dec CLOSED
Monday 28th Dec CLOSED
Tuesday 29th Dec Normal hours
Wednesday 30th Dec Normal hours
Thursday 31st Dec Elmstead Market and Dispensary – 08:00 – 13:30
Abbey Field and Hawthorn – Normal hours
Friday 1st Jan CLOSED
Saturday 2nd Jan CLOSED
Sunday 3rd Jan CLOSED

Out of hours

Please call NHS 111 for all medical advice or 999 for emergencies.

Stay well this Winter

People are being urged to keep an extra special eye on themselves and the people they care for over the winter period so minor illnesses don’t become more serious.
People who are older or have long term conditions may be particularly vulnerable to winter bugs which could become serious and require hospital treatment. Getting help earlier may prevent this from happening.

To make sure winter bugs don’t become more serious:

  • Have your flu jab
  • If you start to feel ill, get help from your pharmacy straight away.
  • Keep your home warm, at least 18 degrees
  • Make sure you take any medicines as directed
  • Get any repeat prescriptions filled in advance as many surgeries and pharmacies close over Christmas
  • Keep a supply of cold and flu remedies in the house so you don’t need to go out if the weather is bad
  • If you are prescribed antibiotics finish the course
  • Don’t go to A&E or call 999 unless it’s an emergency. If you are in any doubt, NHS 111 can help you get the right treatment

Further Information